How Airbnb Saved My Financial Life

Tons of people have been asking me how I managed to get out of debt. One of the quickest ways was to start making money on Airbnb.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been in my classroom and this happens:

Student A: 

“there are…”

*counts students*

“…10 people in the room!” 



Student B: 

“There are…” 

*counts girls in the room*

 “.. 5 girls in the classroom!” 

All I want to say is, “hey! I’m a girl too!” but I don’t because I know that they mean nothing by it because overall, my class is a really sweet group of children. 

But this leads me to my point- 

Teachers often put others in front of themselves and this causes us to neglect our physical and mental health as well as our wealth.  

How Much Have You Spent On Your Classroom?


I have spent hundreds if not thousands of my own dollars in my classroom trying to better my students when in private my financial life was floundering. 

It wasn’t until I moved in with my serious boyfriend that I realized how much financial trouble I was in. 

Yes, I owned my own home. 

Yes, I drove a new car. 


BUT I WAS STRUGGLING to make ends meet on a regular basis. 

I worked constantly, I was always tired and somehow I was still constantly broke. 

This is when I decided I need to make a life altering change. 

As silly as it may sound, when I am at my lowest points, I tend to turn to Pinterest to read motivational quotes to pick myself back up. 

I read one similar to this: 



Anyhow, after seeing this- it got me thinking…


I had to get out of my snowpile of debt and I needed a plan. 


So that’s exactly what I did & this is what I came up with: 

I prioritized what was most important and what needed to happen first to initiate a snowball down a mountain effect. 


I will not lie- it was…. hard is an understatement, 


The main problem was that after I cut down and created a budget, I still didn’t make enough money to put in a big enough dent to reach my goal. 


I needed to figure out how to make more money without practically killing myself (as I had been doing). 


I must say, the heavens opened up and I found the best side hustle ever!

This hustle allowed me to:

  • bring in hundreds of extra dollars a month
  • keep my day job AND my (lackluster) social life
  • able to go to bed and get reasonable sleep for my “real job”. 

Ya’ll, Airbnb saved my life!

I know what you’re thinking:

I am not letting some stranger sleep in my house. #strangerdanger 

& I’ll be honest, I felt a little awkward welcoming in my first guest- naturally he was the biggest guy I’ve ever seen BUT it felt a lot less awkward when I got $500 credited into my account. 


But honestly, it wasn’t nearly as creepy as I built it up in my head.

In fact, I loved Airbnb hosting so much that I wrote a post about my airbnb experience here but to see the quick & dirty, check this out:

That’s right- over $7K in only a few months. There were some months that I was living “rent free” because I was making so much money from this side hustle. 


The money was so easy to come by and a lifesaver for helping me to boost myself toward my goals. 


Now, I will say in terms of picking your side hustle; pick something you enjoy.I enjoy having company and I enjoy cleaning. So this was an easy thing for me to keep up with. 

If you think that you are ready to start side hustling and want to give hosting Airbnb a try, click here to get started.

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Katie O'Brien

Katie O'Brien

Katie is a second grade teacher at a private school in Virginia. She focuses on teacher organization and strives to help other teaches become more organized.

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